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Our Goal

Hi, my name is Andrew and I'm a bivocational pastor and a long with my wife, Rachel, we serve a small church in the Texas Hill Country. We love to write bible studies, devotionals, and blogs. I've struggled with depression and anxiety in the past but by the grace of God he brought me out of those dark days and so most of the things I write about come from that perspective and how God can lead you out of that, however, I don't want to write anything and then put it behind a paywall. ​


 Our goal with Raven and The Brook is to keep every thing we write and every video we make, FREE. We do this by selling freshly roasted coffee to order. That means every time you order one of our blends our coffee roasting company that we've partnered with takes your order and starts roasting fresh coffee beans so that you get the freshest tasting coffee possible. Oh, and all of our coffee products (and other store products) all come with FREE shipping!


With every purchase from our store you help support us to reach our ultimate goal which is to preach and teach the good news of  the gospel to as many people possible, as freely and easily accessible as possible.

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